We are the go-to partner in the automotive and truck aftermarket sector

Benefits for Members

Thanks to our connections, members benefit from exclusive agreements with the most important international parts manufacturers, ensuring access to high-quality and cutting-edge components. But we don’t stop there. Our distribution is modern and swift, promptly addressing the needs of an ever-evolving market and ensuring optimal delivery times.


The support we offer is comprehensive, covering every aspect of the post-sale experience, providing assistance, advice, and tailored solutions. Lastly, we recognize the importance of training and information. Through targeted informational activities and incentive programs, we promote and support each specific member reality, ensuring that every member of the PDA Consortium stays updated with the latest news and trends in the industry.

Agreements with the most important international parts manufacturers

A modern and swift distribution

360-degree support

Informational activities and incentives to promote each specific entity

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Corso Carlo e Nello Rosselli, 45 - 10129 TORINO

Services for members of the PDA Consortium

Promotion of partner suppliers to consortium members for the inclusion of products/product lines.

Promotion of partner suppliers through advertising, trade shows, events, etc.

Advanced and specialized technical training and industry updates.

Networking and exclusive agreements with suppliers and partners operating internationally.

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Corso Carlo e Nello Rosselli, 45

10129 TORINO

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