pda network

a network of distributors, spare part dealers, and garages serving motorists

The Consortium and its values

The PDA Consortium consists of leading companies in the Aftermarket segment, offering high-value products and services.

At PDA, excellence is not just a value, but a commitment reflected in every aspect of our operations. For us, excellence also means speed and precision, qualities that enable us to meet client needs with timely deliveries and a spare parts selection that meets expectations.

The integrated network of professionals

Our network is the beating heart of the PDA Consortium. The collaboration and synergy between distributors, parts suppliers, and workshops stem from shared visions and objectives, becoming the engine that drives us forward. With an unwavering focus on innovation, we ceaselessly explore new technologies and methods, staying ahead of industry trends and offering cutting-edge solutions.

We recognize that sustainable growth is powered by education and development. Therefore, we passionately invest in the professional growth of our affiliated workshops, providing ongoing training, assistance, and resources. At the PDA Consortium, we don’t just keep pace with industry advancements, but aspire to chart its path into the future.

We equip our associates with visions, strategies, and tools to navigate current and future market challenges with confidence.


About Us

PDA was created out of the need for an Integrated Network that unites distributors, spare part dealers, and car repairers under a single Vision.


Our Approach

Our business model is founded on a rigorous commitment to innovation, unparalleled quality standards, and continuous dedication to specialized training.


Our Mission

To provide a fast and efficient service in the Aftermarket through a robust technical organization and modern distribution. Sharing resources and knowledge to cultivate a new distribution culture. Ensuring the highest quality of spare parts and support to our affiliated workshops.

Our Group

The PDA Consortium boasts the participation of 33 Associates nationwide, united by Experience, Precision, Quality, and the Highest Product Standards.

a team of specialists

Saverio Giglio


Claudio Santin

Sales Director

Aurora Fabi

Market Manager

Massimiliano Carnevale

Admin Director

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